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Wine 101

At In Good Taste, we’re on a journey to make wine more accessible and less intimidating. This Wine 101 Learning Center is designed to be your wine guide, with helpful information about different types of wine, the nuances between old world and new world wine, and more.

Whether you’re at the “wine for beginners” stage of your wine journey or just want to go down a rabbit hole about one particular topic, you’ll be a wine expert in no time!

  • Somm Session: Sangiovese Wines

    Somm Session: Sangiovese Wines

    Learn more about Sangiovese — the popular Italian red wine varietal — with a rich history, balanced earthy flavors, and gourmet food pairings.
  • Summer Sips - Best Wines for Hot Weather

    Summer Sips - Best Wines for Hot Weather

    The best summer sips feature high acidity, a light-to-medium body, and a dry flavor leading to a crisp finish. These sipping wines are made for a day by the pool or a picnic in the park. Light-bodied whites and ros​​és take center stage. These summer wines refresh the palate, taste better when chilled, and compliment delicious fresh summer foods. 
  • Wines of Washington State

    Wines of Washington State

    While Washington’s vineyards are still considered “new” even when compared to New World vineyards in California and Australia, Washington state is a wine region to watch.
  • Discover the Best Wines of California

    Discover the Best Wines of California

    California wines may be a newcomer on the scene, but their quality rivals that of the Old World. Discover the best of California wine country.
  • The Delicious Down Under - Wines from AU & NZ

    The Delicious Down Under - Wines from AU & NZ

    Welcome to the delicious world of Wines from Down Under. As "New World" wine regions, the two countries aren’t beholden to the hundreds of years of tradition of Old World wine regions, allowing them to experiment, push boundaries, and ultimately, revolutionize the way the world views, produces, styles, and packages wine.
  • Syrah & Shiraz: What's the Difference?

    Syrah & Shiraz: What's the Difference?

    At its core, Syrah (Sih-RAH) and Shiraz (Shi-RAZ) wines are both made from the Syrah – but that’s just about where the similarities end. Let’s break down some of the differences between Syrah and Shiraz!