Give Them a Dozen Rosés

A Dozen Rosés are Better Than Flowers.

For your Mom, who's always there for you, or the friend who has everything -- gift a dozen Rosés to brighten their day!


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A Dozen Rosés


Skip ordering a dozen flowers and opt in for something unique. This box of rosé makes the perfect gift for that special someone in your life, or if you are looking for a personal new favorite fruit forward wine. The collection features all three of our signature rosés: La Pluma, Andiamo Sangiovese, and Passport Ventoux. You will find yourself sipping through bright and lively flavors found in every single-serve bottle. No doubt rosé is a day drinking staple that should be stocked in any fridge!


Rosé of Sangiovese


Sangiovese can be found in both the Chianti and Montalcino regions of Tuscany (it all sounds so romantic, right?) and is known for producing classic medium-bodied wines. A rosé wine is actually made from red grapes (like the Sangiovese) that haven’t fully ripened by harvesting time. Try as these grapes might, they ended up a little too tart and a little too light in color for a typical red; but that’s where the Rosé of Sangiovese comes to play. Crisp, fruit-forward, and easy-to-drink—it’s everything you want in your bottle of rosé and more.



La Pluma

While it’s the unofficial official wine of summer and warm weather situations, La Pluma’s Rosé is one you can drink year-round, no matter the occasion. All rosé wine is derived from red grapes that didn’t quite make the cut, but the result exceeds expectations in terms of highly-sippable, easy-drinking wine. This La Pluma Rosé is as light as its feathery namesake and is best served extremely chilled for an extremely chill afternoon of nothing but vibes. And maybe a few snacks.