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Wine Advent Calendar
Sally Doughty
The packaging sells this item!

Bought 3 of these for my sisters and I. We live far away from each other and we plan to have remote wine time together while sipping on our wines.

Fast shipping - looks great

Super fast shipping - great packaging. Can’t wait to get going in Dec. super nice looking bottles.

Wine Advent Calendar
Jean-Philippe Scioville

Such a great idea. Gifted it to myself and love the packaging and tasting guide!

Passport Collection
Exceeded my expectations

I am obsessed and so happy with this wine! The bottles are adorable and the perfect size for me! Sometimes you only want a glass or 3 and this is perfect for that. And the best part is - the wine is delicious! Even wines that I wouldn't usually pick for myself I am loving! (I do wish the stoppers were glass as well because I think that would improve the reusability of the bottles but it's ok.) I want to get all of my wine from In Good Taste.

Great Gift for Wine Lovers

First off, what a great idea! Packaging is pretty and best of all, my husband loved it!! So many wines to try leading up to Christmas! Bravo, Cheers.

Wine Advent Calendar
Jennifer Mathis
Let the holidays begin!

This is without a doubt one of the best gifts I have bought for anyone! I intend to order one every year!

Didn’t Make It!

Well, my intention was to wait until December 1st. Its November 17th and Ive got a few left…..They are soooo good! There was only a couple I didn’t particularly care for but thats to be expected. Guess I’ll have to order another one in hopes to have for December…for real this time!

Delightful wine

This wine was crisp and cool at the start and rounded out with the green almond note! The hint of green apple makes this a lovely warm day wine!

I love this Advent calendar

I ordered this Advent calendar as a gift for a friend. She loves wine and really appreciated this. I also ordered for myself and it is awesome! Now I have neighbors interested and will probably order another for my sister. The calendar is beautiful and behind each day is a different bottle of wine!

Loving the California Wine Mixer

Got these for myself. So nice to have a selection of good wines on hand, in a single serve bottle. Plus the cute little bottles are fun to reuse as small vases, special spice jars and more. Will definitely reorder!

Delicious Mini Wines!

I love the sampler style of the California Wine Mixer! The packaging is cute and the wine is delicious. It is the perfect amount for when you just want a glass and don't want to open a full bottle.

California Wine Mixer
Brittany Potts
So far so good!

They sent this over SO quickly! I think I received it in maybe 4 days? Super fast! I have only had a chance to try 1 of the 8 wines in the box, the Good Trouble Syrah and it was so delicious. Super fresh tasting, amazing flavors. So good I wished I had a whole bottle of it! We live in California, in the heart of wine country, so I love that I was able to try something new that meets the same standard my spoiled self is used to!

Very Fresh and Crisp!

Disclaimer here: I am not a white wine person! If I was, it probably would earn a 5 star rating, because I actually did enjoy myself with this! It’s fresh citrus, it’s light, it’s a Granny Smith apple. Part of my advent calendar, and a great start to the season!

Wild Child Wines
Jennifer Heon
Sister In Law loved this gift

This was a birthday present, it was beautifully displayed! She also said she was going to reuse the bottles, they are so pretty!

Wine Advent Calendar
Kristina Gordy
A thing of beauty

I haven't opened up any of the days yet to see the actual bottle, nor obviously have I tasted the wines yet. But the packaging is GORGEOUS! It's fun and eye appealing. I cannot wait to re-use the cute little bottles for craft projects. I read all the descriptions of the wines in the pamphlet and am beyond excited for December 1st to roll around! A couple of friends of mine also got this, so we'll be comparing daily! Cheers!

Cannot wait until December 1st

This is my fourth year trying different wine advent calendars from various companies. I have not tasted the wine yet, I must say, of all the wine advent calendars, the packaging on this one is THE best !!!. and I peeked at one of the bottles. I cannot wait to try the wine, I bought two of these - the second one is a surprise early Christmas gift for my son and his girlfriend so we can celebrate these wines together :) Thank you for making such an amazing product.

California Wine Mixer
Crystal Picazo
Beyond Amazing

I purchased this set as a thank you gift. Through not fault of IN GOOD TASTE the package was never delivered (UPS problems). I spoke in chat with their customer service and they let me know that the items were already on their way back to California from Maryland because they could not be delivered. I explained my situation and let them know how disappointed I was because it was meant to be a thank you gift. The helpful customer service rep said "let me see what I can do." The next day I received an email that a new package was being sent out. 2 days later I received a thank you text from my recipient. They loved the gift and it all looked so cute.
Amazing customer service and a super Instagram worthy product.

Good Trouble Syrah
Flavor Notes: Spice, Earth, Pepper

The best wine so far in the Advent Calendar. Smooth with a kick that makes every taste bud dance in joy.

Tastes like a vacation

A lot of flavor is packed into this bottle! I felt positively tropical sipping on this rosé. You really get the watermelon here. This is fantastic and I wouldn’t hesitate to drink it again.

Fresh and light

This wine was a middle of the road wine for me. Not too sweet and not too dry.
It had a fresh, clean and light flavor.
Good start to the Advent box.


This is our first time drinking this wine. We find it delicious and happy, fresh and crisp.

Passport Collection

We wanted to host a virtual wine tasting party with family, but how when they all have very different tastes? I’m so glad we found the Passport Collection on In Good Taste! Not only is there literally a wine for all tastes, but they also provide instructions on wine tasting and details about each wine in the collection!

Sampler - White Wines
Maureen Carroll

Ok, I belong to a club that gives out random, usually wine-based, gifts to brighten their neighbor's day. While I haven't yet tried them, these are perfect - and I'm thinking they might make great stocking stuffers as well!

The wines are so tasty!

Advent calendar

I sent 5 of these as gifts……they are adorable and all recipients said they were the best gift ever….. 💙🎄