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Brown Kiwi Sauvignon Blanc 187ml x 6-Pack

Sauvignon Blanc
Sauvignon Blanc
Brown Kiwi
187ml x 6-Pack
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The North Island Brown Kiwi uses its adorably extended bill to sniff out its next treat. Also native to New Zealand, this sophisticatedly complex, oh-so-dry Sauvignon Blanc is a treat for the beak (er, nose), with sharp notes of cut grass and the sweet scent of bell pepper.

Tasting Notes

Sauvignon Blanc Sauvignon Blanc
Tastes Like
Aromas of fresh cut grass, bell pepper, and citrus zest. Racy acidity, grapefruit pith, and lime zest on the palate.
Feels Like
Watching the sunset from a hot air balloon over Queensland
The grape
Sauvignon Blanc
Aussie Slang: "On the Turps" / Enjoying booze. Like, really, enjoying it.
Pairs Well With
Grilled squid, arugula salad with goat cheese


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Brown Kiwi | Sauvignon Blanc

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