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Fortune Favors Chardonnay 187ml x 6-Pack

Fortune Favors
187ml x 6-Pack
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This Chardonnay comes from grapes sourced from two distinct vineyards. With a prominent Pacific Ocean influence, this bright and clean white has elegant notes of Meyer lemon, honeydew melon, and aromas of peach and golden pear. Paired with a hint of oak, toast and caramelized apples, this Chardonnay is pleasant and lingers on the palate.

Tasting Guide

Tasting Notes

Chardonnay Chardonnay
Tastes Like
Peach & pear, crisp & unoaked
Feels Like
Showing up to a baby shower tastefully tipsy
The grape
Chardonnay is the most grown and popular varietals in the world. It comes in two forms: oaked & unoaked. Which do you prefer?
Pairs Well With
Shellfish and brie cheese


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