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La Pluma

La Pluma - 750ml
Sauvignon Blanc

Tart and citrusy, this young wine has mouth-watering acidity and serves as the ultimate thirst-quencher. With a hint of smoky grapefruit, it's the equivalent of a summer mezcal cocktail—ideal for hot summer days at the beach or on the porch.
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Tastes Like
Mouthwatering lemonade, smoky grapefruit & citrus.
Feels Like
That first dip on the water on a hot summer day.
The grape
Sauvignon Blanc
This grape grows well anywhere in the world, but especially in New Zealand, Australia, France, California. It tends to be light, tangy, citrusy and is one of the only wines that pairs well with sushi.
Pairs Well With
Salads, viniagrettes, and veggies.


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La Pluma | Sauvignon Blanc

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