La Pluma Sauvignon Blanc
La Pluma Sauvignon Blanc
La Pluma Sauvignon Blanc
La Pluma

Sauvignon Blanc

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We couldn’t have rosé and Pinot Grigio at the La Pluma party without inviting its ring leader, Sauvignon Blanc. If Pinot Grigio is the dry, acidic friend of the group and rosé is the always sweet and highly affable one, Sauvignon Blanc exists between the two to create true Zen. An interesting and addictive blend of grapefruits and herbs set this white wine apart and make it incredibly difficult to resist, especially when the temperature is high and your desire for a refreshment is higher. La Pluma Sauvignon Blanc is the perfect poolside or beach companion; just be sure to bring a few bottles because your friends will definitely want to partake, and we don’t blame them!


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Tasting Notes

La Pluma Sauvignon Blanc Tasting Note of

Smoky Grapefruit

La Pluma Sauvignon Blanc Tasting Note of

Tangy Citrus

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Customer Reviews

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Holly Love

I usually don't like white wine of any kind, but this blew me away during a wine-tasting last night. To me it's deliciously fruity, but interestingly so, and not at all too sweet, with none of the disagreeable aftertaste I usually associate with whites. It's the only white wine I've ever wanted to keep around regularly. I'm disappointed that it's currently out of stock so I'll keep checking back!

Cristen McCartney

Okay I'm normally a red kinda girl, but I thought this Sauv Blanc was EXCEPTIONAL! Steel-ish taste with green apples and sunshine!

Shirley Stryjewski
My new 'go-to' Sauvignon Blanc ♥

I truly love this crisp delicious Sauvignon Blanc ♥

Sauvignon Blanc

Regular price $23.99
Regular price Sale price $23.99