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Mr B - 750ml

Mr B - 750ml
Pinot Noir

August 18 may be Pinot Noir Day, but thankfully, we can enjoy this velvety-smooth, surprisingly bold bottle 365 days a year. Gorgeously dark in color and combining the flavors of sweet red fruit, tart cherry, and earthy mushroom, this pinot is classy, food-friendly, and worthy of a holiday itself.
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Tastes Like
Cherry, wild mushroom, earthy flavors
Feels Like
Finally learning a TikTok dance
The grape
Pinot Noir
A finicky grape with thin skin that grows best in cool climates. It produces a higher acid, lower tannin red that tends to be very light in body—akin to a white wine.
Pairs Well With
Chicken, brie...or ham & pineapple (you heard us) pizza


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Mr B | Pinot Noir

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Perfect for any occasion

8 Pack Tasting Flight

Variety packs for parties, tastings, or weekly game night.

Full bottle

For a little romance. Or when you don’t feel like sharing.


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