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Orange Belly Chardonnay 187ml x 6-Pack

Orange Belly
187ml x 6-Pack
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Tasmanian vineyards value quality over quantity, so, chances are, you haven’t come across many bottles from the verdant Australian island state. Refreshingly acidic, this Chablis-style chardonnay is a rare beauty, taking its texture from the oak barrels it’s aged in.

Tasting Notes

Chardonnay Chardonnay
Tastes Like
Aromas of ripe pear and citrus, melon, and cashew. Palate of bright acidity, crisp apple, and honeysuckle.
Feels Like
Watching the sunset from a hot air balloon over Queensland
The grape
Aussie Slang: "What's the John Dory?" / Used when you want details on the hot goss; see also: Spill the Tea.
Pairs Well With
Yabbies with garlic butter, Moreton Bay bugs


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Orange Belly | Chardonnay

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