Bordeaux Rouge

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When you picture medieval folk sitting around a feast with goblets of wine, chances are they were drinking Bordeaux. This wine has been made in France since forever and is arguably the most classic French wine out there. Bordeaux is known for its full body, smoky notes, and rich, oaky taste. If you love cabs, chances are you will adore Bordeaux. For our Passport wines, we had to include this classic French red for you to sip and enjoy to your heart’s content. Best savored over a rich meal like lamb ragu, ratatouille, or BBQ.


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Passport Bordeaux Rouge
Passport Bordeaux Rouge Passport Bordeaux Rouge Passport Bordeaux Rouge

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Passport Bordeaux Rouge Tasting Note of


Passport Bordeaux Rouge Tasting Note of


Passport Bordeaux Rouge Tasting Note of


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Customer Reviews

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Kathleen M Blank
Special treat

Saving it for Christmas so it must be really good!

Sauvy E
Didn't know I liked it! Now I love it.

Barbera is definitely a hidden gem. This thing tastes bold and has plenty of ripe fruit while somehow keeping a "light" body. What a magic trick. It's a red wine that I don't mind sipping by the pool and eating grilled chicken to. Perfect for people that love big bold cabs but want something lighter. The mini bottles are awesome too!

A Pleasant Surprise!

This is a very good red, taste is very rich without being too profound. Even won over my daughter whose never been a fan of reds. A great staple red to keep for movie night or evening with friends.

Davlynn Gundolff
Fruity and smooth

I'm a Cabernet lover and agree with In Good Taste's recommendation of this Bordeaux. I found it to be slightly fruity and very smooth, with a similarly body and fullness to Cabernet. There's also a slight acidity, but it's not a sharp bite. I'd say it's well balanced and very appealing if you like a full and flavorful wine.

Jessica Melendez

Really enjoyed this wine!

Marsha Crane
Very drinkable

I was surprised that this was so light and even more surprised that I enjoyed it as much as I did. I’m normally a Melbec drinker. But this Barbera was very drinkable and I will certainly purchase it again.

Bordeaux Rouge

Regular price $21.99
Regular price $21.99 Sale price $21.99