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Stealing Thunder Rosé of Sangiovese 187ml x 6-Pack

Rosé of Sangiovese
Rosé of Sangiovese
Stealing Thunder
187ml x 6-Pack
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The savory, berry-colored Sangiovese grape is tough to find in California, where it makes up only half a percent of red wine growth. Thankfully, we've tracked down and bottled this delicate, mouthwateringly acidic rosé, pale pink and ripe with the tropically tart taste of passion fruit. Like revenge and leftover pizza, it's best served cold.

Tasting Notes

Rosé of Sangiovese Rosé of Sangiovese
Tastes Like
Zesty grapefruit, strawberry and raspberry
Feels Like
Getting to the register right before a big line forms
The grape
Pairs Well With
Teriyaki chicken, orange chicken, Thai curries, Panda Express


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Stealing Thunder | Rosé of Sangiovese

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