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Sip back and relax from the comfort of your living room while our wine expert guides your friends, family, group date, or coworkers through a fun interactive tasting where you'll learn:

  • General high level wine knowledge about how to taste wines
  • Fun facts and wine trivia about the grapes and regions where our wines are harvested including Santa Ynez, Napa Valley, Sonoma Country, Santa Rita Hills, Paso Robles, Monterey
  • A deep dive into 2-3 grapes of your choosing
  • What to look for when buying wines at a grocery store, or your local wine shop
  • Anything other topics that interest you about the world of wine?

We're here to guide you on your wine knowledge journey!

PS: these virtual wine tastings are 100% complementary
Wine is more fun to taste with friends, so our min for a virtual tasting is 6

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Who We Are

We’re a new kind of winery, bringing illustrious and diverse wines to you in single-glass bottles. We believe wine is an experience—a chance to invite exploration, romance, and connection into our everyday lives. In every sip, find a new story. And in every bottle, one big world.

medium bodied

Balance of Powers

Even-keeled and fruit-forward, Balance of Powers is a smooth red blend from Sonoma County and a Napa Valley Cabernet.

light bodied

La Pluma

Light as a feather, rich in flavor. La Pluma offers crisp, fruity, and delicate whites such as a Pinot Grigio, Rosé, and Sauvignon Blanc from Mendocino and Paso Robles.

full bodied

Fortune Favors

Choose from a berry-forward Cabernet from the Central Coast, or a fresh Chardonnay from Santa Ynez Valley.

fruit forward

Stealing Thunder

Aromatic and expressive. Stealing Thunder offers an earthy Pinot Noir with berry notes from Monterey County, and a medium-bodied North Coast Syrah with a bolder bite.

The Winemaker

Matt Smith, Wine Director

As the former wine director for Kendall Jackson, Matt Smith has produced more than 50 wines rated 90+ points during his 25-year winemaking career.

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