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In Good Taste makes the highest-rated wine ever bottled in a 187ml glass.

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Sip back and relax from the comfort of your living room while our wine expert guides your friends, family, bumble date, or coworkers through a fun interactive tasting where you'll learn:

General high level wine knowledge about how to taste wines

Fun facts and wine trivia about the grapes and regions where our wines are harvested including Santa Ynez, Napa Valley, Sonoma Country, Santa Rita Hills, Paso Robles, Monterey

A deep dive into 2-3 grapes of your choosing

What to look for when buying wines at a grocery store, or your local wine shop

Anything other topics that interest you about the world of wine? We're here to guide you on your wine knowledge journey

PS: these virtual wine tastings are 100% complementary

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Who We Are

We’re a new kind of winery, bringing illustrious and diverse wines to you in single-glass bottles. We believe wine is an experience—a chance to invite exploration, romance, and connection into our everyday lives. In every sip, find a new story. And in every bottle, one big world.

medium bodied

Balance of Powers

Even-keeled and fruit-forward, Balance of Powers is a smooth red blend from Sonoma County and a Napa Valley Cabernet.

light bodied

La Pluma

Light as a feather, rich in flavor. La Pluma offers crisp, fruity, and delicate whites such as a Pinot Grigio, Rosé, and Sauvignon Blanc from Mendocino and Paso Robles.

full bodied

Fortune Favors

Choose from a berry-forward Cabernet from the Central Coast, or a fresh Chardonnay from Santa Ynez Valley.

fruit forward

Stealing Thunder

Aromatic and expressive. Stealing Thunder offers an earthy Pinot Noir with berry notes from Monterey County, and a medium-bodied North Coast Syrah with a bolder bite.

The Winemaker

Matt Smith, Wine Director

As the former wine director for Kendall Jackson, Matt Smith has produced more than 50 wines rated 90+ points during his 25-year winemaking career.

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