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Wine 101

  • Best Wines to Pair with Your Holiday Meal

    Our dinner tables may be smaller, yet the same basic challenges will arise when we are planning our holiday menus. We have tips to look for when choosing the perfect holiday wines!
  • What Temperature Should My Wine Be?

    To help you get the most longevity, aroma, and flavor out of your wine collection, we’ve compiled this guide to wine service and storage.
  • 10 Things You Should Know About Wine

    Walk into your local wine store these days, with bottles lining the walls, shelves, and racks, and you’re likely to faint from overstimulation. With such a wide variety and no shortage of people sharing their view on “the best wine”, it can be hard to discern fact from fiction. Never fear: In Good Taste is here to help wine novices and virtuosos alike to navigate the wine world with ease.  Here are some things we think everyone should know about wine.

  • How to (Properly) Taste Wine

    The best way to drink wine so that you discover different nuances and select according to your palate is to follow the five steps for tasting wine. These 5 steps in wine tasting begin from the moment the sommelier delivers the bottle leading up to the first sip.