Our Story

Who Are We?


We started In Good Taste in 2020 with one goal in mind, to make wine more accessible and less intimidating for the everyday drinker. Close friends and co-founders Joe Welch and Zach Feinberg collaborated with award-winning winemakers Matt Smith and Neely Ashley to source wine from top winemaking regions. Together they curated a portfolio of high-quality wines into tasting flights, featuring six or eight single-glass servings in our patented 187ml mini bottle.

As our customers’ palates and preferences expanded, so did our wine selection. In 2022 we introduced our 750mL bottle option — the days of opening a full bottle of wine only to realize you didn’t love it are over. Try the mini…love the 750!

Our Mission

We believe the world of quality wine is meant to be explored and understood. But where do you even start? The wine industry has never made things easy for us drinkers - using big words, confusing labels, and strange additives. Most wines you grab on your grocery store shelves are mass-produced by one of a handful of alcohol conglomerates.

We’re on a mission to change that.

Our Team

With in-house winemaker Matt Smith and a full team of enthusiastic wine lovers, In Good Taste is dedicated to crafting and curating the highest quality wines all in one place. When you’re searching for the perfect wine, we take the guesswork out of your selection process (if you’ve ever wandered the aisles at your local wine store, you know how frustrating that guesswork can be). You pick the moment; we’ll bring the wine.

You love wine. We love wine. Let’s discover and enjoy the world’s best wines, together.

Meet Our Winemakers

Matt Smith

A Michigan native, Matt traveled throughout the world, living in France and Spain before returning stateside to evolve his love of wine into a full blown career. He is the Co-Founder and Head of Winemaking at Grapeseed Wines and has produced over 50 wines garnering 90 points or more in major publications.

Favorite Taste

Wild Child
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