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Our Story

Our Story
A Journey Begins With a Single Sip

We started our journey in 2017 by asking ourselves “why is wine, a beverage that’s consumed by-the-glass, almost always distributed in a one-size-fits-all (750ml) bottle?” With so many varietals, regions and vintages, purchasing a full bottle can be intimidating. This results in the majority of customers sticking to something they’re familiar with, within a price range that didn’t break their bank.

So we introduced our eight-bottle tasting flights. The goal with each flight is to provide our customers with familiarity and to also encourage them to step out of their palatial comfort zone. We were able to finally accomplish this in early 2020, albeit during a strange time for the world. And while we originally sought to provide our customers with discovery, we ended up with something more.

It’s no secret that 2020 forced most companies to rethink how they do business. More importantly, and at a time when we needed it most, we were all stripped of basic human needs like connection. This hit us particularly hard, as we were primarily serving the hospitality industry (hotels, cruise ships, restaurants).

So we pivoted. We decided to bring our wine directly to our consumers doorstep. Pivoting to direct-to-consumer taught us many lessons, the most valuable being that wine pairs best with the people we love. While we still strive to be your trusted source of wine discovery, we also hope to provide you with another means of connection with those around you, or with our community of wine lovers.

We’re still a little wine start-up, and will always be one at heart. We look forward to continuing our journey with wine, with you, and as always, thank you for your ongoing support.


Our Mission
A global winery, in the comfort of your home

Uncovering new wines shouldn’t be reserved for the experts. Through our single-glass bottles, we’re helping you experience new flavors and make new memories.

Every glass is an opportunity for connection with people and places near and far. Handpicked and in limited batches, fill up your passport with each pop of a cork.