Our Story.

Our eclectic crew of varying wine enthusiasts banned together to create Taste It to bridge the gap at wine night between the experienced wine snobs and those who are still trying to figure out how to pronounce “Gewürztraminer”. Taste It is for anyone who’s excited to explore the vast world of wine, including both knowledgeable winos and also anyone who simply wants to navigate the wine isle without the panic of option overload. We get it, we’ve been there too. We understand that wine is intimidating but like anything in life, the more you taste it, the more you learn — and the best way to learn about wine is by drinking.

Take Risks.

Buying wine can be scary, expensive, and sometimes even scary expensive.  Branching out from your go to's to try a bottle of Trousseau might cost $35 for something you don't even like!  This makes no sense, our bottles allow people to affordably take risks and try new things.   TAKE RISKS! And if you love it, you can finish our bottles guilt free. Share your wine flight with friends at a dinner party, or have just a glass (or three) with dinner on a Monday night without wasting a full bottle. Throw a bottle in your satchel for the BART ride home after work, or slip one into your pocket for a nice little afternoon stroll. How you experience wine is your prerogative, we’re just here to make sure you're drinking the good stuff.

Taste It Founders: Joe Welch and Zach Feinberg