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Wine Pairings with Pizza

Wine Pairings with Pizza

The Best Wine for Your Favorite Pie

One of the very best food and beverage pairings out there is wine and pizza, hands down. It’s a classic, foolproof combination that can satisfy the palette of just about anyone! With so many pizza toppings out there from crisp veggies to savory, cured meats, there are a plethora of opportunities to make fun, flavorful pairings with the perfect glass of wine. So, which wine should you reach for to complement your next slice of pie? Let’s find out!

Wine Pairings with Standard Pizza

Pairings With Standard Pizzas

Ahh, the classics. These standard pizzas are the tried-and-true, ride-or-die orders that you can always count on to satisfy a crowd. The only thing that can add to the perfection of these time-tested pizzas is a glass of vino that complements each mouthwatering bite!

Supreme Pizza with Prosecco Wine


Wine: Prosecco

Supreme pizzas have it all, quite literally! The combination of veggies and assorted meats creates an explosion of flavor that is utterly unique. Because of the sheer range of taste in one bite, Prosecco makes the perfect pairing. This food-friendly wine won’t overpower the delicate flavors of the veggies, but can still hold its own when paired with savory ham, sausage, and pepperoni. 

Meatlovers Pizza with Cabernet Sauvignon or Malbec

Meat Lovers

Wine: Cabernet Sauvignon or Malbec

A bold, meat lovers pizza calls for an equally bold wine that can stand toe-to-toe with its rich, heavy flavors. A Cab or Malbec will provide the right amount of bold richness to complement the savory pizza, while the higher tannins and acidity will also cut through the fattiness in the meat. 

Cheese Pizza with Pinot Noir or Chianti


Wine: Pinot Noir or Chianti

There’s nothing quite like the classic taste of a cheese pizza. The simplicity of this timeless pie needs a light red wine to create an ideal pairing. The simple flavors of a table wine like Chianti or Pinot Noir create a delightfully simple yet incredibly delicious pairing with your favorite cheese pizza. 

Pepperoni Pizza with Cabernet Franc or Sangiovese


Wine: Sangiovese or Cabernet Franc

Pepperoni has a strong, savory flavor that is created with a combination of cured meats and spices such as cayenne, anise, and garlic. This calls for a wine that can stand up to the intensity, which is why Sangiovese and Cabernet Franc are both ideal choices. These bold, spicy reds complement the big, bold flavors of the pepperoni. 

Veggie Pizza with Chardonnay or Lambrusco

Veggie Lovers

Wine: Chardonnay or Lambrusco

A colorful, flavorful veggie pizza needs a light, chilled red or full-bodied white to really let all of the delicate tastes of the vegetables shine through. A Lambrusco or oak barrel-aged Chardonnay stand alongside these flavors very well without overpowering those tasty veggies. 

Margherita Pizza with Dry Rose


Wine: Dry Rosé

Margherita pizzas are delightfully light pies that showcase the delicate simplicity of tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, and fresh basil. Absolute perfection! This calls for an equally light wine, which is why dry rosé makes the ideal pairing with this classic pizza. 

BBQ Chicken Pizza with Pinot Noir or Malbec

BBQ Chicken

Wine: Malbec or Pinot Noir

Tangy, sweet, and mouth-watering delicious – BBQ chicken pizza really packs a punch with crave-worthy flavors! Pair this unique pie with a fruit-forward Malbec or Pinot Noir to pair perfectly with the tangy notes of barbeque sauce in the pizza. 

Hawaiian Pizza with Riesling


Wine: Riesling 

Does pineapple go on pizza? For those of you who think that it does, we’ve got some pairing ideas for the sweet and salty delight that is Hawaiian pizza. Reach for a German Riesling to go with your favorite, controversial pizza. The acidity and sweetness will complement the sweetness of the much-debated pineapple.


Wine Pairings for Gourmet Pizzas

Pairings With Out-of-the-Box Pizza

Sometimes, it’s fun to go against the grain and try something outside the norm. New pizza flavors count, right? We think so! The best part is that even the most out-there pizzas have a wine to go with it. 

Truffle with White Sauce Pizza and Merlot

Truffle and White Sauce

Wine: Merlot

The savory flavor of truffle needs a wine that can hold its own when paired with this richly flavored pie. Merlot is a wonderful choice because its bold yet fruit-forward notes marry beautifully with the distinct flavor of truffle. 

Prosciutto & Arugula Pizza with Sparkling Rose Wine

Prosciutto and Arugula

Wine: Sparkling Rosé

Prosciutto and arugula make a lovely pairing themselves, with the rich flavor of the prosciutto pairing nicely with the light, crisp flavors in fresh arugula. The perfect wine to tie all of these flavors together is a sparkling rosé. The light, bubbly notes won’t overpower the arugula, yet it cuts through the fattiness of the prosciutto. 

Breakfast Pizza and Cava or Champagne

Breakfast Pizza

Wine: Cava or Champagne

We think that pizza is welcome at the table for any meal of the day, so breakfast pizza just makes sense. Such a festive pie calls for a festive wine, like a sparkling glass of cava or champagne. Not only will these wines give a mimosa vibe with the breakfast pizza, but the bright notes will also provide a delicious contrast to the heavy taste found in a hearty breakfast. 

Dessert Pizza with Sauvignon Blanc

Dessert Pizza

Wine: Sauvignon Blanc

Because what’s life without a little dessert? Add some balance to the sweetness of your dessert pizza with a crisp, acidic sauvignon blanc for perfectly complementary flavors. 

Pizza and wine are a match made in heaven, we’re convinced! No matter what type of pizza is calling your name, you can rest assured that there is a wine out there ready to be the perfect match for your craving.

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