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Zodiac Wine Pairing: Cancer

Zodiac Wine Pairing: Cancer

The sun dips low, casting a warm glow, and Cancer season arrives. It's a time to connect with loved ones, indulge in cherished traditions, and savor a glass of wine that reflects the Cancer spirit: Pinot Noir. The ultimate friends-with-everyone wine that keeps us wanting more fruit, more earth and one more glass, please.


Meet Cancer: The Shell and the Heart

Cancers, the guardians of the zodiac, possess a deep well of empathy and a fierce love for those close to them. Ruled by the moon, the celestial body of intuition and emotion, Cancers are known for their nurturing nature, rich inner world, and desire for security. Much like the crab, their astrological symbol, they build a strong, protective shell around themselves and those they cherish.

Pinot Noir: Alluring and Delicate 

Pinot Noir, a light-bodied red wine celebrated for its delicate fruit notes and earthy undertones, beautifully complements the Cancer soul. Its nuanced flavors, ranging from cherry and raspberry to hints of mushroom and spice, mirror the multifaceted nature of Cancers. Interestingly, Pinot Noir is also believed to be the parent of all black-berried grape varieties, much like Cancerians embrace their paternal role within their families.


Our Wild Child Pinot Noir, currently found in the Winemakers Selects Kit, is a standout amongst Pinots. Its layered fruit flavors and silky body make it one of the most approachable wines in our collection. Whether you are looking for a food-loving wine to pair with your next meal, or something to sip on while you sit around a fire pit on a summer evening, this is our pick for Cancer season.


A Match Made in the Stars

Here's why Cancer and Pinot Noir create a perfect pairing:


1. Comforting Familiarity: Pinot Noir's smooth tannins and subtle complexities offer a sense of warmth and ease, resonating with Cancer's desire for comfort and tradition.

2. Depth of Emotion: Just as Cancers possess a rich emotional landscape, Pinot Noir's layers of flavor unveil themselves with each sip, inviting exploration and appreciation.

3. Intuitive Connection: Cancers' strong intuition allows them to appreciate the subtle nuances of Pinot Noir, finding joy in the unexpected notes and hidden depths.


Savoring the Moment with Pinot Noir

Indulge your inner Cancer and raise a glass of Pinot Noir in these moments:


1. Family Dinners: Let the gentle warmth of Pinot Noir enhance your cherished family gatherings, creating a space for heartfelt conversations and shared memories.

2. Cozy Evenings: Curl up by the fireplace with a glass of Pinot Noir, allowing its comforting aromas and flavors to soothe your soul and nurture your introspective spirit.

3. Romantic Rendezvous: TPinot Noir's delicate charm sets the perfect mood for an intimate evening, fostering connection and deepening your bond with loved ones.

Cheers to Cancer and Pinot Noir! 

Celebrate the nurturing spirit of Cancer and the captivating allure of Pinot Noir. This pairing is an invitation to slow down, savor the moment, and connect with those who matter most. Whether you embody the warmth of Cancer or raise a glass to your Cancerian companions, Pinot Noir promises a delightful experience that touches the heart and soul. Let's toast to cherished connections, emotional depth, and a wine that captures the essence of comfort and grace!

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