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Andiamo means “let’s go”, and with this six-bottle selection of Old World perfection, IGT is going to Italy. This collection features a fashionable, fruit-forward find from Milan; a glamorous wild berry-and-watermelon wine from Marche; and our favorite thing to come out of a tiny, green package. Whether you’re an Italian wine novice or a vino esperto, with the Andiamo collection, you have a first-class ticket to Bel Paese.

Brand: Andiamo

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Rosé of Sangiovese


Sangiovese can be found in both the Chianti and Montalcino regions of Tuscany (it all sounds so romantic, right?) and is known for producing classic medium-bodied wines. A rosé wine is actually made from red grapes (like the Sangiovese) that haven’t fully ripened by harvesting time. Try as these grapes might, they ended up a little too tart and a little too light in color for a typical red; but that’s where the Rosé of Sangiovese comes to play. Crisp, fruit-forward, and easy-to-drink—it’s everything you want in your bottle of rosé and more.




Big, bold, and full of flavor—exactly what you’d expect an Italian wine to be! This classic Italian grape produces some of Italy’s most straightforward red wines and is often used as a blending grape. Not here, though. We let Montepulciano do the heavy lifting as a heavy red wine and shine on its own. If you enjoy the smell of leather bound books, nibbling on dried fruit, and complementary notes of bitter, dark chocolate and sweet plums, you will love this Italian wine. No need to pair it with any certain dish—Montepulciano tastes great with all the Italian classics.




A little sweet. A little tart. A little salty? You truly get it all with this white Italian wine. If you’re into that biting acidity, Verdicchio will probably be high on your list of most-loved wines from our Andiamo collection. Citrus fruits like mandarin, lemon, and grapefruit are at the forefront, but what really sets this Italian wine apart is its distinct notes of almond. While our Verdicchio can start out tasting a bit bitter, the more you sip, the sweeter it becomes. In fact, we suggest approaching it as an aperitif (Italian for an alcoholic drink sipped before a meal to stimulate the appetite) to experience its full effect.




We really try not to play favorites at In Good Taste, but there is just something about an Italian Barbera that hits different in the best way. Barberas are the perfect wine for pizza night; they’re low in alcohol, medium bodied but taste super light, and their berry and plum flavors pair incredibly well with savory tomato sauce and cheese! Another fun thing about Barberas? They actually taste great when chilled, which is not something we’re in the habit of suggesting for our red wines. Our Italian Barbera is the perfect marriage of a cab and a pinot and is the ideal choice for a ladies who lunch kind of afternoon.

About Andiamo

Say ciao! to Italian wine with Andiamo. Featuring six favorites from our amicos in Stivale, this collection boasts the best Italy has to offer—and considering it’s been perfecting vino for 4,000 years, that’s really saying something. Each bottle is an ode to vibrant, sun-soaked villages; awe-inspiring villas and cathedrals; and temperate, aquamarine coastlines. Revel in traditional Old World flavors, like our warm, welcoming Barbera, and new arrival–instant classics, like our refreshing Verdicchio. Time for a trip your tastebuds won’t forget.

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