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Winemakers' Selects


6 of Winemaker Matt's Favorite Wines


A Dozen Rosés


A bouquet of 12 uniquely exquisite rosé wines, delivered straight to your door.


California Wine Mixer


8 Classic California Wines For Any Wine Lover


Wine + Chocolate Gift Set

Curated Flight

Bissinger's European Chocolate Truffles, Set of 5 mini wines and Stag Head Wine Pourer.



Wild Child



Wild Child

Seeking a wine that ignites the senses? Zinfandels flourish across the globe, yet California's bounty unveils some of the most tantalizing. Neither as formidable as a Cabernet nor as delicate as a Pinot Noir, it stands resolutely in its own vibrant spectrum—a captivating balance of flavors awaits.


Mini Wine Advent

In Good Taste

Enjoy twelve exquisite mini wines from Italy, Argentina, France, South Africa, and California. Explore a vast array of varietals, from a refreshing Italian Moscato to a bold South African Pinotage, and everything in between.

Wild Child 8 Pack


8 Mini Bottles of IGT's Signature Wine Brand

Deux + Mini Wine Gift Set


An ideal companion for break-ups, birthdays, or a good long binge of your favorite show.