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We’re headed Down Under, and you’re invited. Our first international tasting flight includes eight by-the-glass bottles, perfected among the breathtaking beauty of the South Pacific. From New World Australian staples to rarely-tasted Tasmanian treats, each sip is a first-class ticket to lush, colorful landscapes, all without leaving your living room.

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Tasting Guide

Wines Down Under - Brown Kiwi - Sauvignon Blanc

Brown KiwiSauvignon Blanc

2020 | Hawkes Bay, NZ

Pairs With:

Grilled squid, arugula salad with goat cheese

Tasting Notes:

Aromas of fresh cut grass, bell pepper, and citrus zest. Racy acidity, grapefruit pith, and lime zest on the palate.

The North Island Brown Kiwi uses its adorably extended bill to sniff out its next treat. Also native to New Zealand, this sophisticatedly complex, oh-so-dry Sauvignon Blanc is a treat for the beak (er, nose), with sharp notes of cut grass and the sweet scent of bell pepper.

Wines Down Under - Hooded Plover - Riesling

Hooded Plover Riesling

2020 | Clare Valley, AU

Pairs With:

Macadamia-crusted barramundi, Thai chili noodles

Tasting Notes:

Aromas of honeysuckle, orange blossom, Honeycrisp apple, and white pepper. Palate of orange zest and tangy acid.

Good things come to those who wait, and this riesling, matured patiently on the vine for a full, off-dry flavor, is worth waiting for. Boasting a crisp bouquet of versatile flavor without any of the anticipated sweetness, it’s far more appetizer than dessert.

Wines Down Under - Orange Belly - Chardonnay

Orange Belly Chardonnay

2019 | Tasmania, AU

Pairs With:

Yabbies with garlic butter, Moreton Bay bugs

Tasting Notes:

Aromas of ripe pear and citrus, melon, and cashew. Palate of bright acidity, crisp apple, and honeysuckle.

Tasmanian vineyards value quality over quantity, so, chances are, you haven’t come across many bottles from the verdant Australian island state. Refreshingly acidic, this Chablis-style chardonnay is a rare beauty, taking its texture from the oak barrels it’s aged in.

Wines Down Under - Crimson Rosella - Rose

Crimson Rosella Rosé

2020 | Adelaide, AU

Pairs With:

King prawns, chips with Rosella tomato sauce

Tasting Notes:

Slightly smoky aromas of chipotle spice. Grilled peach and rhubarb pie on the palate.

Without the baggage of Old World tradition, Australia’s wine industry is a playground for innovators – nowhere more so than in the colorful crests and cool climate of the Adelaide Hills. This earthy rosé is one-of-a kind, with no sugar leftover or added, leading to a pleasantly pink pour.

Wines Down Under - Masked Owl - Pinot Noir

Masked Owl Pinot Noir

2019 | Tasmania, AU

Pairs With:

Grilled whiting, berry pavlova

Tasting Notes:

Aromas of rose petal and ripe cherry. Savory dry cherry, cinnamon, and tobacco on the palate.

Native to the crystalline coasts and fertile forests of Tasmania, the Masked Owl is totally monogamous. We’re ready to make a lifetime commitment to these demanding, cool-climate grapes, bottled into a pinot with a fruity-spicy aroma and bright, complex taste.

Wines Down Under - Blue Duck - Syrah

Blue Duck Syrah

2019 | Hawkes Bay, NZ

Pairs With:

Classic mince stew, New Zealand sausage (or vegan sausage) sizzle

Tasting Notes:

Aromas of earthy and spicy pepper. Palate of black cherry, licorice, violets, cloves, and tobacco.

Less than a percent of New Zealand’s wine production is syrah, but this bold, peppery showstopper is quickly making a name for itself. Spicy yet subtle, with a deep plum color you'll want to sink into, it’s perfect for red lovers seeking a savory flavor that won’t feel too heavy.

Wines Down Under - Black Cockatoo - Shiraz

Black Cockatoo Shiraz

2019 | Barossa Valley, AU

Pairs With:

Leg of lamb, Australian meat (or veggie) pie

Tasting Notes:

French oak aromas of sweet spices, cinnamon, and cedar. Palate of dense plum, rich blueberry, and bitter orange liqueur.

The vibrant, patchwork slopes of the Barossa Valley are known for their history-soaked vineyards. Despite sharing a name with the classic syrah, this shiraz is unique, with a full-bodied, ripe flavor, high alcohol content, and extended, color-enhancing aging process. All this combines to make it as dark and dramatic as the bird it gets its name from.

Wines Down Under - Rainbow - Red Wine

Rainbow Red Wine

2018 | Barossa Valley, AU

Pairs With:

Kangaroo steak filet, Sunday roast

Tasting Notes:

Aromas of savory cherry and rose petal. Rich and full palate of candied fruit and strawberry Jolly Rancher.

Subtly spicy with a burst of berry flavor, the red-wine grenache is popular among Australian winemakers. This blend is sourced from vines that have been growing for almost a century, softened by jammy shiraz in the French Rhône style. It's the best of both worlds, bottled.

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