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Best Wines to Pair with Game Day Party Foods

Best Wines to Pair with Game Day Party Foods


Wild Wine Pairings for Game Day

Oh, yeah! It’s that time again, and although our Super Bowl parties might look a little different this year, it’s still a cause for celebration! Whether our favorite team made it to the championship, or we just came downstairs because we heard there was going to be food, this super-flight pairing has got all our bases covered (wrong sport, I know!). We know all the typical pairings with our favorite game-day snacks, so it’s time to mix it up, and luckily, the Wild Child Tasting Flight is anything but ordinary. Dive into some funky varietals and lesser-known regions from the safety of your couch!

Buffalo Wings Pair Well with Bright, Citrusy Wines

Buffalo Wings & La Pluma Vermentino

The La Pluma Vermentino from Clement Hills paired with buffalo chicken wings is the first in our lineup. Citrusy and bright, the juiciness from this Italian grape leans right into the spice of buffalo sauce and can even keep up with the ranch you’ll inevitably dunk it in. And if you don’t eat meat, celery, and carrots, or really any crunchy, fresh veggie tastes just as fun!

Other Wild Pairings

Fish tacos or spinach-artichoke dip!

Smothered Nachos & Game Theory Viognier

For anyone who just came to the party for the food, and doesn't even know which teams are playing, this grape is for you! Viognier is your La-Z-Boy, game-day best friend and pairs oh-so-perfectly with a plate of smothered nachos. That’s right: layer on the black olives, onion, cilantro, or whatever makes your mountain of cheese special, and this Rhone varietal will have your back. Coming from Paso Robles, this Viognier is structured and smooth, with soft baked tones that you wouldn’t mind going into overtime for. 

Other Wild Pairings

A handful of Cheez-Its every time there’s a foul or an aged cheddar cheese

Mango Salsa with Limes

Mango Salsa & La Pluma Rosé

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean we have to act like it. Rosé is great all year, and this juicy-but-dry rosé of grenache goes down too easy with mango salsa and your favorite corn tortilla chips. Let the rich mango and soft tannins from our rosé from Santa Ynez lead your tastebuds to the ultimate flavor touchdown. If tomato and spice aren’t quite your thing, another great dip would be hummus and pita bread; rosé loves gluten! 

Other Wild Pairings

Chicken shawarma or vegetable curry.

Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza & Red Tide Wines Grenache

When it comes to game-day drinks, our choices need to go down easy and still have us standing by the fourth quarter. That’s where a chillable red comes in; usually a bit lower in ABV, our Paso Robles Grenache is just what you need  with chicken bacon ranch pizza. That’s right, I said it. The bright acid and balanced structure in this wine will make your palate wonder where this combo has been all your life. Think juicy, peppery, and mouth-wateringly delicious. 

Other Wild Pairings

Loaded potato skins or sipping during the Puppy Bowl (warning: IGT is not responsible for over-indulgence from puppy cuteness).

Grilled Pork Chops & Mr. B Sangiovese

It’s a big day, and our furry friends are probably just as excited as we are about all the commotion, and definitely all the food. Cozy up with your pup and this warm, vanilla-noted Sonoma Sangiovese (“blood of Jupiter” in Italian), and pair with pork chops. We love pairing smokey and tender with the velvet tannins that this wine provides, helping ease the stress of halftime jitters.

Other Wild Pairings

Pepperoni pizza or mini bratwurst sliders .

Street Tacos and Tempranillo Wine

Beef Mini Tacos & Tempranillo

So, maybe you don’t have time to cook an entire Game Day Feast™, and that’s alright! Trader Joe’s has you covered, and their beef mini tacos have never let me down. Make sure there’s a full bottle of Cholula, or Frank’s, or Tabasco…You get my point. Tempranillo, originally from Spain and grown in the warmth of California’s Sierra Nevada Foothills, loves spice, and the rustic tones behind this wine are sure to win some compliments from the crowd. Serve the tacos and wine straight up, or throw in some guacamole for added depth.

Other Wild Pairings

Short ribs or a pulled pork sandwich.

Spicy Seven-Layer Dip & Fortune Favors Mourvèdre

A grape by many different names can taste just as great, just like how Tom Brady can still make it to the Super Bowl, even if he’s not with the Patriots anymore. Mourvèdre, or Mataro, or even Monastrell in Spain, is more closely related to a linebacker than a quarterback, though. At least, if we’re talking about packing a punch. This Spanish native grown in Napa is begging for a chip-full of spicy seven-layer dip. Black beans, cream cheese, some crunch throw in all the works for this peppered and expressive wine.

Other Wild Pairings

Trader Joe’s mini meatballs or a roast beef sandwich.

Game Day Chili with Chips and Wine

Slow-Cooked Chili & Balance of Powers Dolcetto

Whether you drink your reds to warm up or wind down from the intensity of the Super Bowl, Dolcetto has your needs covered. The “little sweet one” in Italian is anything but; our Dolcetto from Russian River Valley is a dry, full-bodied, and robust experience that demands the depth of slow-cooked chili. Rhubarb and cacao embody this luscious wine, and the earthy notes lean right into the spice and aroma of hearty chili. And what better in the midst of winter than something that warms your chest and your soul?

Other Wild Pairings

Mozzarella sticks with marinara or NOT singing along to any of The Weeknd’s music at halftime.

So, whether you’re a die-hard Kansas City fan or just in it for the snacks, there’s a little something for every palate with the Wild Child Kit and these Super Bowl Sunday super pairings Move outside your comfort (end)zone from the safety of home because we’re sure these wines will be an absolute touchdown. And don’t forget to hydrate: the players aren’t the only ones losing electrolytes on the big day. Cheers!

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