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We're thrilled to present...

...our newest addition to the world of rosé wines: the 2022 Wild Child Rosé from Mendocino! Crafted with utmost care and inspired by the vibrant spirit of old world rosés, this wine encapsulates the essence of light, dry, and refreshing pink wines that have enchanted wine enthusiasts for generations. 

To shed light on the inspiration behind this new release, we had the pleasure of interviewing our talented winemaker, Matt Smith, who shared his vision and passion for crafting this exceptional wine. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.


Can you tell us about the inspiration behind this new Rosé wine?

MS: I love making rosé that is light, dry, crisp and refreshing. I’ve spent many afternoons on outdoor patios in southern France enjoying food and rosé with friends. This wine is meant to recreate that. 


What makes this wine unique from other Rosés? 

MS: Rosés can be hit or miss depending on the style and intention of the winemaker. I like to say ours is a “made on purpose" Rosé  - the red grapes we used were picked at the perfect stage in the berry development to produce Rosé. This technique creates lower alcohol while maintaining exciting flavors, resulting in a balanced, refreshing wine.


Could you share some insights into the winemaking process involved in creating this Rosé?

MS: The whole-cluster fruit was handpicked in the early morning, direct-to-press. After the juice was pressed and had time to settle, it was racked and fermented cold in stainless steel. Once through primary fermentation, it was then chilled so the acidity remains bright and refreshing. 


Can you elaborate on any sustainability initiatives or practices incorporated into the production of this Rosé wine?

MS: Our wines are sourced from vineyards with sustainable land management practices. We maintain grower-winemaker relations with small, family-owned wineries to support local wine communities locally and abroad. This vineyard in Mendocino is no exception!


What kind of occasion do you believe this Rosé wine product is best suited for?

MS: Outdoor patio gatherings with friends, pre-dinner occasions as well as throughout dinner. Pretty much morning, noon & night.


How would you describe the tasting notes and flavor profile of this wine? 

MS: Watermelon, lychee, pear and strawberry notes, crisp, bright acidity, refreshing.


Can you provide insights into the specific aromas and nuances that can be expected from this Rosé wine, and how they contribute to the overall drinking experience?

MS: Overripe rosé can yield very one-dimensional aromas, dominated by strawberries and not very complex. Well-made rosés provide a wealth of fruit aromas and flavors. Natural acidity provides freshness making you want to come back for another sip!


Are there any specific food pairings that you would recommend to enhance and complement the flavors of this Rosé wine?

MS: Fresh, garden salads, chicken skewers, oysters, salade nicoise, rhubarb pie.


Could you share any information on the balance of acidity, sweetness, and body in this Rosé wine, and how it contributes to its overall structure?

MS: It is well balanced with bright acidity. It is a dry rosé, so the perception of sweetness comes from the fruity aromas and flavors in balance with the acidity and (lower) alcohol.


What temperature and serving suggestions would you recommend to fully appreciate the unique flavors and characteristics of this Rosé wine?

MS: 45 degrees


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