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How Much Wine for a Party?

How Much Wine for a Party?

Warm summer months are meant to be shared, don’t you agree? It’s the perfect time of year to gather loved ones together so that you can laugh and enjoy great conversation over incredible food and wine at a dinner party. 

If you have volunteered to be the host of the said dinner party, we would love to help you out with the wine! It may seem like a daunting task to decide which wines to have available for a crowd, but never fear, we’re here to walk you through exactly what you need. From the types of wines to have to the number of bottles you need to buy, we’ll discuss all that you need to know when ordering wine for your next gathering. 

Which Wines to Order for a Party

Your guests are likely to have a variety of tastes when it comes to their wine preferences. If you already know that they are a crowd that loves reds, by all means, have more red than white wine! If it’s a rosé crowd, then break out the rosés. However, if you’re unsure what exactly they will gravitate towards throughout the night, it’s a good idea to have a balance of both red and white wine. Especially if the party is outside during the summer months, it’s good to have some refreshing white wines for your guests to enjoy. The suggested ratio, particularly for a warm, outdoor party, is to have 60% white and rosé wine and 40% red wine. Your guests will probably just be happy to have wine to enjoy! However, as noted, if you already know what your guests are into, it’s okay to break these ratio rules. 

Which Wines to Order for a Party? Red and White Wine

How Much Wine to Order for a Party


Realistically, it’s nearly impossible to know exactly how much wine will be the perfect amount for your party. However, we think it’s better to have a little too much wine than not enough. Can you imagine hosting THE dinner party that ran out of wine? We don’t want that horrid tarnish on your reputation, so we’re here to help. 

A standard bottle of wine has 750 mL, which works out to be 25 ounces per bottle. The standard serving size for a glass of wine is 5 ounces, so in theory, there should be five glasses of wine in one bottle. The key words here are “in theory”. Those pours at home tend to be a bit more heavy-handed than the ones in a restaurant or wine bar. So, let’s say that each bottle has roughly four glasses of wine. Depending on the liveliness of your party and how long it lasts, let’s assume that each guest consumes about one bottle of wine – or four glasses. That brings us to one bottle per guest, so if you have ten guests, you’ll need ten bottles of wine, plus maybe another two for good measure.

For our visual learners out there, we’ve put together this handy chart to give you a better idea of the number of bottles of wine you’ll need for your party:

How Much Wine for a Party? One Bottle per Guest

Mini Bottles

If your party is a more casual get-together with friends that are up to trying a variety of wines, add a little bit of fun with mini bottles of wine! This is a perfect way to let your guests try a few different wines that they may not gravitate towards otherwise, and it adds a fun twist to the party. Luckily, In Good Taste has you covered on this front. We offer six different curated flights – each offering a unique array of delicious wines from bright, refreshing rosés to rich, bold reds. 

Mini Bottles of Wine for a Party

Big Bottles

If your party is more of a fancy-schmancy dinner or formal gathering, big bottles are the way to go. If you use our calculations above, you’ll be able to keep your guests fully satisfied with an awesome selection of wine. If you’re getting wine for a dinner party, focus on getting bottles of wine that pair with a variety of different foods. That way, your meal – and the wine – can complement one another and let each unique flavor shine through. 

Big Bottles of Wine for a Party

And viola, you’re now ready to throw the best wine party around! Whether you’re hosting a casual get-together to celebrate the summer or a formal shindig complete with a four-course menu, wine makes the perfect companion for any way you like to party. Now, pop open a bottle and enjoy the company of your favorite people with your favorite wine. Cheers!

Ready for a Wine Party!
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