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Winemakers' Selects


6 of Winemaker Matt's Favorite Wines


Cascade Wines of Washington


Sip back, relax and enjoy six wines from the diverse landscape of Washington's wine country.


A Dozen Rosés


A bouquet of 12 uniquely exquisite rosé wines, delivered straight to your door.


Stag Head Wine Pourer

In Good Taste

Pour your wine in style with this Stag Head Wine Pourer. Wine Pourers allow for a consistent pour, while introducing oxygen to the wine to bring our aromas and flavors. Fits all wine bottles, including In Good Taste mini-bottles.


Pizza and Wine Pairing

Pairing Kit

A Delicious DIY Pairing Kit with 8 Pizza-loving wines, Pizza Dough, Sauce and Pepperoni.


Spicy Rosé 6-Pack


Love a little kick? Turn up the heat with our new Spicy Rosé, expertly infused with jalapeño peppers.



Wild Child


Raspberry Rosé 6-Pack


This set of mini wines features delightful mini bottles of Raspberry Rosé, perfect for those who adore the fruitier side of wine.


California Wine Mixer


8 Classic California Wines For Any Wine Lover

Mini Wine Advent

In Good Taste

Enjoy twelve exquisite mini wines from Italy, Argentina, France, South Africa, and California. Explore a vast array of varietals, from a refreshing Italian Moscato to a bold South African Pinotage, and everything in between.

Wine + Popcorn Pairing


8 Wines Paired With 4 Different Tasty Popcorn Flavors. Popcorn Bowl Included!

Mini Wine + Candle Gift Set


4 Passport Wines With A "Let's Toast" Homesick Candle



For the Chardonnay lovers who are looking to dig a bit deeper in the world of bold whites, a Viognier (pronounced vee-own-yay) could be your next big adventure. Viogniers tend to have more range; while they can be creamy with hints of vanilla like their Chardonnay counterpart, they also offer lighter, fruitier flavors like tangerine, mango, and honeysuckle. It’s still a more full-bodied white wine, but unlike Chardonnay, it’s softer on acidity and more perfumed. Spend an afternoon with a glass of Viognier amongst the flowers and it’ll all make sense.

Deux + Mini Wine Gift Set


An ideal companion for break-ups, birthdays, or a good long binge of your favorite show.



Calling all white wine lovers! Get ready to embark on a journey with Unprecedented Chardonnay. Within each sip lies a symphony of opulent flavors; from the creamy embrace of vanilla to the lively bursts of apple and citrus.