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Ventoux Rosé


You probably know that the Tour de France is held on Ventoux Mountain in France, but did you know that the same area is known for its high-altitude rosé? This is the kind of quintessential French rosé that you don’t need to spin your wheels over—it’s simply delicious, crisp, and perfect for warm weather. Despite its delicate, pale pink color, each sip is lush with flavor, from tropical passionfruit and zesty citrus to refreshing melon. This has the potential to be your new summer go-to, so we’d suggest stocking up.


Côtes du Rhône


Rhone wines are so robust and muscular, you can almost call them chewy. The intense purple color and deep dark berry flavors are remiscent of a delicious pie filling. The warm climate these grapes are grown in is reflected in the way it warms your bones as you finish a glass.