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Virtual Tastings

Virtual Tastings
What you will learn
  • General high level wine knowledge about how to taste wines.
  • Fun facts and wine trivia about the grapes and regions where our wines are harvested including Santa Ynez, Napa Valley, Sonoma Country, Santa Rita Hills, Paso Robles, Monterey.
  • What to look for when buying wines at a grocery store, or your local wine shop.
More Info for Corporate/Large Groups
More Info for Corporate/Large Groups

Any other topics that interest you about the world of wine? We’re here to guide you on your wine knowledge journey.

PS: these virtual wine tastings are 100% complimentary for small groups!

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We recommend scheduling your tasting for 3 weeks after your order is placed, so that all guests in your group have received their kits and have adequate time to prep some cheese boards and snack pairings.

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Virtual Tastings

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“The most I’ve learned during quarantine”
Case R.
“The best event of all of quarantine.”
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“Took our team bonding to the next level!”
Jake K.
“Worth the hangover for a night of virtual tastings with a friend.”
Nicole R.